Sonicbalance Massager

The Sonicbalance Massager is a pain relief device that uses sound of specific frequencies matched to the right areas of the body to harmonise that area of the body. The Sonicbalance Massager uses sound frequencies to vibrate the body harmoniously. We find that when the body is vibrating harmoniously as it is supposed to, anything that is not a harmonious vibration in the body is pushed out.

This technology is able to pass harmlessly through undamaged flesh to target problem areas inside the body. The vibrations will build up and push/release anything that is not supposed to be there.

This is ancient technology reinvented with new materials using sound, vibration and crystals to deliver a new multi-dimensional technology experience with amazing potential.

There are 2 general programs that can be used anywhere on the body. There are also 9 deeper programs for use on specific areas of the body and a program that relieves Headache/Migraine … and it talks to you and tells you where to put it!

Pain Relief results include;
*Scrapes*Bruises *Burns *Stings / bites *Arthritis *Tumour Relief *Anxiety/Depression*Tennis Elbow* Back Pain* Flu*Fatigue*Broken Bones*Knee, Ankle & Neck Pain *Torn Ligament in Elbow *Post-Operative *Trauma*Headache/Migraine *Toothache*Stress

The proceeds from the sale of these devices helps us to expand the technology and lets us continue to keep offering free sessions at Sonicbalance Holistic Centre.

“When my Dad got sick, I started looking for a way to help him and to ease his pain.

It took me 3 years to develop this product, too late for my dad, but not too late for my Fiancée!”

“The Sonicbalance Massager™ has saved us 3 hospital trips from cooking burns. To be able to take the pain out of a burn and save my loved ones from the horrific pain and festering recovery is worth every cent I paid for this device!”

“I use it on my kids scrapes, bruises, bites and stings. 20 seconds is enough to numb the pain.”

Quality of life, can be in your Hands! The Sounds of Soothing!

I imagine a world without pain!

Free deliveryfree upgrades for life and a 30 money-back guarantee.