Prince’s Story 24yr old std bred – 5inch stake injury into chest.torn shoulder muscles.full recovery

24yr old std bred, 5 inch stake injury into chest, multiple tears in shoulder muscle, rendering the leg unusable. We got him at 6 days after the injury. He hadn’t eaten or drunk for 6 days. Within 10 mins of Ken applying the device, Prince started eating and drinking again. He expelled lots of gunk and wood from the wound, and within 4 days of treating the tears in his shoulder he was applying weight to the injured leg. within 6 days of treating the shoulder tears he was starting to walk with the leg. Within 8 days he was freely walking without being encouraged. By the 12th day he was walking as if uninjured. complete recovery.
The 5 tears in Prince’s shoulder muscle would have killed him. The injured shoulder would have collapsed the uninjured shoulder. We were able repair the injured muscles in the shoulder. Prince has no after effects of this major injury.

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